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Musical Fish Puns

In the early 80's, at the Ankor Bar, in Vancouver, BC, the Doc Fingers Band came up with an unusual way to keep spirits up: puns based on fish and song titles. After a couple of weeks the flood of humor had started to die down, but you could tell another pun was on its way when one of the guys in the band would start chuckling to himself, usually in the middle of a tune. The fish jokes had a second incarnation when I introduced them as a way to pass the time on a three week bus tour of Germany in 1993, with Rex Allen's All-Star Swing Express. Both bands contained the ideal combination of sick yet fertile minds that lead to such thinking, although I must say that some of the best examples of the genre also came from members of the Mike Vax Combo during a particularly long bus ride one night near Spokane sometime around 1985.

Here are some of the ones I can remember out of what then 
seemed like a never-ending supply:

Sea Eeled With A Kiss
Sealed With A Kiss
Mister Sand Dab

That's a Moray
Clam Every Mountain
A Barracuda Beautiful
It Haddock Be You
Sturgeon, Sturgeon For My Baby
I Need Kelp
When You Fish Upon A Star
When You Wish Upon A Starfish
Shark! the Herald Angels Sing
Fiddler Crab On The Roof
I Loves You, Porgy
You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
Sole Train
Heart And Sole
Carp and Sole
Bernie's Tuna
Blue Monkfish
Zing! Went the Strings of My Carp
My Foolish Carp
Salmon Janet Evening
Nearer My Cod To Thee
This Scampi Love
Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat
Oyster Parade

Rex Allen sent these:

Mahi Old Flame
Mahi Romance
It Could Salmon to You
Kipper Out Of Mischief Now
Whale Or When
I Cod Have Danced All Night
If I Cod Be With You
(Theme from) Goldfishger
In The Eel Small Hours Of The Morning
The Lobster Mash
I Crab Get Started With You
Crab We Talk It Over?
I Get The Bluefish When It Rains
Ray In, Ray Out
Dancing In The Shark
Blue Monkfish
The White Cliffs Of Dover Sole
One For Bassie
Prawn The Alamo
Mackerel The Knife
I Know That Minnow
Mackerel In My Own Backyard
Dan Barrett added these:

Mackeral Sal
A Cod, Aged, For Sale
I’m Gonna Wash That Catfish Right Outta My Hair
Give Me the Shrimper Life
Deep Porpoise
Underneath the Manatee
Oyster the Sun
I Flounder New Baby
Boogie Woogie Bluegill Boy
Gill Wind (Eel Wind)
Mr. Salmon
Body and Sole
Song From Marlin Rouge
It Happened in Manta Ray
Blowfish in the Wind
A Fugu Day
(Great) White Christmas
I’ve Got a Filet I’m Falling
The Eyes and Eels of the World
Stingray to Heaven
Stingray to the Stars
Last Night on the Back Perch
Swim Bladder Loves Me
Starfish Fell on Alabama
Calamari Moon
Shellfish Bridge
The Impossible Bream
Once in a Whale
Ship Without a Snail
Ain’t Gonn Give Nobody None O’ My Jellyfish
Kiss Me, Skate
Now I Filet Me Down To Sleep
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Skate
I Filet a Song Comin’ On
Big Snapper and Egg Man
Red Snails in the Sunset
I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plankton
Lobster, Come Back to Me
Since I Smelt For You
I Never Smelt This Way Before
Lumpfish Is a Many Splendored Thing
Thanks For the Manta Rays
I Fish You Love
I Fished on the Moon
A Dream Is a Fish Your Carp Makes
I’ll Be Loving You, Walrus
Mako the Man Love Me
Japanese Sandab
Sky Shark
Lox Lomond
Mahi’s Makin’ Eyes at Me
I’ve Got the World on a Stingray
Everybody Loves Swim Bladder Sometimes
I’m Not Roughy
Gill of My Dreams
Octopus One
Let Me Call You Sweet Carp

A student sent me these:

Salmon Chanting Evening
Sweet German Brown
Creel - O Love Song
Mahi's Makin' Eyes at Me
Marlinberg Joys
Bass In Street Blues
Hon, Eels Sunk an' Rose
Tea for Tuna
You Don't Send me Flounders Anymore

Here are some recent additions submitted by readers like you:

Whale Meet Again

Whale Meat Again (a double pun!)

I Left My Heart In Salmonisco
Trout Love
Tuna Na Na You
With Penguin Hand
You Get The Bass Of My Love
Sturgeons In The Night

Cod This Be Love - Bob Marlin and The Whalers
You're Shrimply The Bass - Tuna Turbot
Fins Can Only Get Batter - B:Ream

Porgy and Bass
All Snook Up
Oh Them Golden Kippers
O Sole Mio
Whistle A Happy Tuna
Sweet Betsy From Pike
At The Sharktown Strutters Ball
Crabtown Races
Where Have All The Flounders Gone?

Minnow The Moocher


Frank Tate came up with these:

Carp Your Troubles In Dreams
Shark The Herald Angelfish Sing
Come Blowfish Your Horn
I Fished On The Moon
All The Things You Par
Cowfish Cowfish Boogie
Oh My Opah Opah
The First Time I Sawfish Your Face
Pompano And Circumstance
Sardine I Dream Of Lilac Time
Osprey Your Face Before Me
Anchovy Glad You're You?
Love For Snell (Spelt)
Minnow It Can Be Told
I'll Take Manhadden
If I Were A Beluga
Go Tell Anchovy

And recently:
A Fish Without A Scale
In Your Oyster Bonnet (With All The Gills Upon It)

Tony Carey, from South Australia, recently 
sent these related fish puns:

Marlin Rouge
Jurassic Carp
The Blair Fish Project
Pulp Fishin’
Silence of the Lemmings
The Codfather
Cast Away
O Batter, where art Thou?
Home Abalone
Forrest Gubby
The Full Manta Ray (The Full Monty)
Pearl Harbour
Final Fintasy
Mullet (An Australian current (sic) release)
Happy Gilmore

Louise and Alex from London, England , recently sent me these celebrity fish puns:

Cod Stewart
Prawn Connery
Mussel Crowe
Pikel Jackson
Skate Moss
Prawn Bean
Shrimp Biscuit
Pike Lee
Heidi Clam
Shiley Bassey
David Ducodney
Nicole Squidman
Squid Rock
Kylie Minnow
Finnie Driver
MC Hammerhead 
Sole Campbell

Greg Sudmeier (who was on the aforementioned Spokane bus ride) sent these:

The Perch Is Over
Tanks for the Manta Rays
Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat
Sittin' On the Haddock of the Bay
Billy the Squid
Blubber Come Back To Me
Blubber Ducky
Wouldn't It Be Blubbery
New Orca, New Orca, It's a Halibut Town
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Trout
Koi-zy For You
Match Mackerel, Match Mackerel
Piranha Happy Face
Algae Around
Minnow the Moocher
Once In A Whale
Gars and Dolphins
Lox Be A Lady Tonight
Halibut You
Maxwell the Silver Hammerhead
Cod Bless America
Smugfish Gets In Your Eyes
I'm In Love With A Beautiful Gar
Octipy My Baby With A Dixie Manta Ray
Shadanooga Choo-Choo
Don't Coi For Me Argen-tuna
Dory, Dory, Hallelujah
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Ling

The Flounder Music
Clang, Clang, Clang Went Petrale
When You Fish Upon a Gar
What a-Trout Love
Blueberry Krill
Send In the Clownfish
Like A Sturgeon
Till Eulen-Seagull
>From the Musical "Mer": The Age Of Aquariums, & Where's the Fishline?
Group(er): Public Anename
Beethoven's Fish-th
Can You Eel the Love Tuna-ght
Blowfish, Gabriel, Blowfish
I Love a Piranha
Just the Ray You Look Tuna-ght
What's It All About, Algae?
Oh, What A Beautiful Marlin
Cod of Our Fathers
A Might Fortress Is Our Cod
Who Let the Cod's Out?
Coi Me A River
Starfish Starfish Night
Break A Wave
Bouys and Gills
Big Gulls Don't Coi
How Much Is That Dogfish In the Window?
A-Tuna Mattata
Hakuna MaTuna
A Gill in Calico
Mako Whoopee
Little David Play On Your Carp
Come Thou, Almighty Ling
Buffalo Gills
Carptown Races
The Old Grey Mer
Fin-iculi, Fin-icula
The First No-Eel
Coi to the World
Walrus Sand Forever
Cheaper To Kipper

More humor can be found by
clicking  here


I'm sure that we managed to use the most of following list as well, but memory fails me at this point:

Albacore, Abalone, Mussel, Scallop, Grouper, Mackerel, Dolphin, Whale, Beluga, Narwhal, Porpoise, Starfish, Smelt, Trout, Pike, Bass, Minnow, Shrimp, Prawn, Octopus, Squid, Whitefish, Oyster.

If you get bitten by this particular bug (or take the bait, as it were), and wish to share any of your efforts, please leave them on the Contact Jim Rothermel page.  I'll do my best to post the results on this web page. Have Fun!

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